What Many Executive Coaching Firms Miss

What many executive coaching firms miss

I’m sometimes asked whether what I do as a Professional EOS Implementer® is similar to what an executive coach does. An element of coaching is present any time an executive engages a consultant to assist with the big picture of a business. But executive coaching ultimately has a narrow focus on the individual business leader, while EOS® puts the emphasis on the business as a whole—incorporating the goals and challenges of each team member into a complete picture of where the business is headed.

How is an EOS implementer like an executive coach?

People who specialize in executive coaches focus on the individual first. Depending on the coach’s style, their process likely involves a mix of psychology, career planning, and practical business ideas. Some executive coaches are hired to address particular limitations of a promising but still-developing leader.

Executive coaches can have important impacts in their clients’ lives. A business leader who needs help overcoming anxiety about conflict or finding positive ways to overcome bias can benefit from professional guidance in those areas. While the individual executive focuses on personal growth, the business can benefit, too.

An EOS Implementer® probably isn’t qualified to help with serious personal issues. Nevertheless, she frequently needs to lend a sympathetic ear to executives who view the Implementer as a trusted advisor. Sorting out individuals’ concerns about EOS, their role in the EOS Model®, or the direction the process is headed are natural parts of my work.

Over the course of implementing EOS, I get insights into the business that few outsiders have. One-on-one conversations often begin with something like, “Given all you know about the company, what do you think about…?” These candid conversations may arise because the executive feels unsure how to raise sensitive topics in group sessions. Or the executive has concerns about a particular member of the team who may not be a good fit for where the business is headed. As much as EOS is about open and honest communication, bouncing around ideas can be an important way to frame difficult topics in a way that avoids hurtful confrontation.

Executives benefit from focusing on the business.

While an executive coach works on helping the individual, EOS works on the business as a whole. At first blush, these may seem like two different things. In my experience, executives can gain as much—if not more—from the EOS Process as they would from working only on their own goals.

Business is a team effort. Many sources of an executive’s stress—too many responsibilities, unclear lines of authority, unresolved differences with colleagues—are addressed through components of EOS like the Accountability Chart, the V/TO™, and Compartmentalization™. By clarifying and organizing the business according to EOS principles, executives often address the root causes of many of their most persistent challenges.

In a sense, the EOS Implementer “coaches” the entire business. The results are significant:

  • Perspective – With EOS, every member of the team is encouraged to step back from their day-to-day work to examine the company’s big picture. Just by escaping the narrow bubble of their role, employees can get better control of their careers.
  • Delegation – EOS provides the framework that lets executives delegate work with confidence. The result is a more collaborative environment and fewer over-worked individuals.
  • Communication – Some of the biggest challenges within businesses stem from people not talking to each other. EOS breaks down barriers by encouraging everyone to speak their mind. I’ve lost count of how many people have expressed relief at finally having a chance to say what they’ve been thinking.
  • Direction – An executive coach often helps the client establish goals in much the same way as an EOS Implementer helps a business discover its long-term plan. A shared focus makes the organization healthier and stronger.

Are you ready to coach-up your business with EOS?

I share the executive coaching profession’s commitment to helping clients overcome roadblocks and achieve greater success.  Are you ready to learn more about EOS? Send me a message to get started.