Podcast: How EOS ® will create an environment that will increase revenue, profitability, and culture.

AlignWomen EOS

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the AlignWomen Podcast with Amy Evans, CEO of AlignWomen. AlignWomen is a leadership and networking organization for professional women. I enjoyed sharing EOS ® and how it helps business owners and CEO’s get more of what they want from their business.

Many professional women are spending valuable time, money and energy on less-than-effective networking organizations and events. They want a more collaborative and effective way to build their businesses. AlignWomen is a powerful community of driven, engaged professional women who value the idea of “Networking with Intention.” Members of AlignWomen Masterminds are in complementary industries and share similar client profiles. They actively create opportunities to promote each other’s businesses so they can network more efficiently and profit from the results.

Episode Sponsor:

Colibri Insurance Services is a boutique health insurance agency that simplifies employee benefits for Southern California employers so they can cost-effectively attract and retain quality employees. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • What the Entrepreneurial Operating System is, and what I do for my clients as a professional EOS implementer
  • The common entrepreneurial problems that EOS can address
  • The right time to implement EOS in order to avoid many of the challenges that entrepreneurs face in their first few years of business
  • What I love about my work in bringing companies to the next level
  • How I use my ‘super-connector’ skills to build mutually beneficial relationships


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