Top 10 Reasons For Your Business to Hire a Professional EOS Implementer®

Hire a Professional EOS Implementer

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a proven system of concepts, tools, disciplines and accountabilities which have guided thousands of business owners, CEO’s and their leadership teams to get more of what they want from their businesses. This includes greater clarity and growth, crystalized direction and communication resulting in higher profit margins. 

EOS® is appropriate for most entrepreneurial companies regardless of industry or business model. We work with you to clarify and simplify your vision. We will then drive that vision through all levels of your organization to gain alignment, allowing your employees to execute on a plan to reach that vision. Execution promotes traction to drive your company to be scalable, sustainable and profitable (healthy). 

What are the benefits of hiring a professional implementer to bring EOS into your company?

PROVEN – Simply put, the EOS framework is proven to be extremely effective in small to medium-size businesses that are looking to break through ceilings that have been holding them back. Companies that have run on EOS successfully, average 18-20% of sustainable growth within the first two years of implementation.

DYNAMICS – Every company has its own unique dynamics. It can be extremely difficult to work through them from the inside. This is especially true in family-owned businesses. We work with you to navigate the toughest situations that need to be solved within your organization.

OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE – It is virtually impossible to take an objective view of your business when you’re you are working so passionately in the details of the day-to-day. Bringing an outside perspective that has no biases, ego or emotion involved in the business is extremely beneficial. It’s all about the good of the company.

RESOURCES – The tools, processes and resources we use through EOS are time-tested and proven. From in-person to online, coaching to conferences and podcasts, you will have access to top resources which will guide you in moving your business forward.

TELL IT LIKE IT IS – In many instances, when you’re working “in the business”, strategically, it is difficult to get a grip on what is occurring throughout the business and its impact. As time elapses, these problems can become a struggle to pull yourself up because you are “in the weeds”. As an Implementer, our role is to give you the space to identify the real issues and solve them so they don’t continue to occur. Once this becomes a practice, it leads to faster progress.

SPEED – As a Professional Implementer, I was trained and certified through the EOS system. Using the best practices, leadership teams efficiently and effectively learn the foundations of the EOS and then execute to ensure positive results, quickly. What many business owners found challenging when they have attempted to self-implement is “they only know what they know”. The books guide them to a point, but much of the effectiveness is lost due to knowledge and the accountability portion of having a Professional Implementer. 

WE’VE BEEN THERE – Whether we’ve embarked on the entrepreneurial journey, owned a business ourselves, been part of a company that has run EOS already, or worked with many entrepreneurial leadership teams, we are experienced and can relate to the feelings, emotions and obstacles you’re facing.

GROW OR DIE – It’s not just one of the EOS Core Values, it’s the approach we take to your business. We will do everything to guide you and your team get to the desired results.

SYSTEM-MINDED – Rather than focusing on one part of your business, we focus on strengthening all Six Key Components of your business to be sure the entire company is stronger and functioning at a higher level for the long term. 

GUARANTEED – We believe in our proven system so much that we guarantee you get the value you need from a session or else you don’t pay. Ready to schedule a FREE 90-minute meeting with myself and your leadership team to see if EOS is a good fit for your organization?

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