Finding an EOS Implementer ® with the Right Stuff

Finding an EOS Implementer with the Right Stuff

Your business is your baby. You’ve nurtured it from its early days when every big expense felt like stepping off a cliff into the unknown. As your customer list has grown you’ve hired a team to achieve bigger and better things.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’ve hit a few ceilings over the years. You’ve broken through plenty of them on your own, but there are some that don’t seem ready to yield. Perhaps you’ve recognized that the problem isn’t one of talent or ambition, but rather one of process. And that’s brought you to EOS®, looking for a better path forward.

You’re going to need an EOS Implementer.

Even if you’re a veteran of other companies that run the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, you’re going to need an EOS Implementer® to guide your team through the process.

Your Implementer is your coach and advisor, not just about the nuts-and-bolts of EOS but about all the ways the system influences the operation of your business. Finding an Implementer who is a great fit for your team is essential for getting the most from the relationship.

I’ve heard stories about businesses firing their EOS Implementer after things didn’t work out. Every time, the company kept using EOS, but tried to go without an Implementer for a while. After about six months or so companies like this find their meetings breaking down and their focus drifting. They discover that things aren’t working. They need the right EOS Implementer to get them back on track.

Plenty of great EOS Implementers to choose from.

I admit, I’m biased. I think everyone who has earned the privilege of calling themselves a Professional EOS Implementer® or Certified EOS Implementer® has already demonstrated the EOS principle of GWC™:

  • They get it: Their years of business experience combined with specialized training in the intricacies of EOS ensure they can offer their clients substantive, nuanced advice for every situation.
  • They want it: Being an EOS Implementer isn’t a hobby, it’s a career and a lifestyle.
  • They’ve got the capacity for it: I could talk for hours about the incredible people who are part of the EOS Implementer network. Their commitment to helping clients grow is so inspiring.

An EOS Implementer is not just another consultant.

With all these amazing EOS Implementers to choose from, which one is right for you?

Hiring the right person is crucial. Ideally, your Implementer is an important part of your company’s management processes for years to come. As much as I’d love to be your pick, it’s important to me that you hire the best fit for your business—and that might not be me.

Here are some of the considerations worth thinking about as you’re getting to know an EOS Implementer:

  • Cultural fit is key. An EOS Implementer can be involved with as many members of your team as necessary to make EOS a success within your business. At a minimum, that typically means working closely with the CEO (the Visionary) and the person in the Integrator role. The Implementer has to fit into the existing culture or EOS might not stick. If your team is big on formality, you might not want an Implementer who swears like a sailor and sports a mohawk. (Although that might work!)
  • The EOS experience factor. A deep knowledge of EOS is important. The system is like a woodworking shop full of powerful equipment. The more your Implementer understands them, the more your business will get done with all the tools in the EOS Toolbox™.
  • The business experience factor. A good EOS Implementer comes to the work with substantial leadership experience. Embarking on the EOS journey isn’t necessarily easy. The Implementer helps the Visionary and Integrator™ work through difficult decisions, many of them having to do with personnel. A mastery of EOS is best when combined with an insightful empathy and sharpened business sense.
  • Flexibility is good. Every business is unique. Some EOS businesses do well with an Implementer who is relatively hands off. Others need their Implementer at every Level 10 Meeting™ to keep the team focused and organized. Finding the right balance takes time and a flexible approach. Your EOS Implementer should be eager to tailor an approach to your business’s needs as they evolve.

I want to help you make the right choice.

As a Professional EOS Implementer I’ve seen how important the relationship between the Implementer and her client can be for the sustained success of a business. More than anything I want your business to thrive. I’d be happy to help you sort through the options and zero in on what your company needs from its EOS Implementer to realize its fullest potential.

Ready to talk? Give me a call at (818) 649-1103, or send me an email. I’m looking forward to helping you get started on your EOS journey.