Does your Corporate Development Strategy include analysis of your team?


The People Analyzer™ is one of the tools in the Entrepreneurial Operating System® that can help business leaders with their corporate development strategy to ensure they have the right people working in their companies.

Don’t panic! The People Analyzer isn’t used to replace the nuanced judgment of the leadership team. Like many of the tools EOS® provides, the People Analyzer provides a simple framework for making decisions about a complex topic.

Getting to the heart of issues.

The People Analyzer may have a simple interface, but under the hood there’s a lot going on. Remember how much time went into discovering the business’s values. When they’re developed the right way, values express the authentic core of what drives a company—internally and externally.

Without a common framework for reaching consensus, a leadership team can go a long time—even years—without uncovering the root of personnel problems. The People Analyzer gives everyone an easy way to express an opinion without necessarily needing to dive into the reasons behind it.

One of my clients, a marketing firm, relies on independent contractors to produce some of its client deliverables. When we used the People Analyzer to study their top contributing contractors, the team startled to discover that every member of their team had rated one of their long-standing content writers as an across-the-board negative: she simply didn’t fit any of the company’s core values. One of the team members said, “That explains a lot!” Equipped with that awareness, the team could begin to make staffing choices that would align with their values. The same is true whether the tool is being used to evaluate contractors or job candidates.

Have courage to turn the analyzer on yourself.

Rating contractors who aren’t in the room isn’t a particularly uncomfortable process. Because everyone on the leadership team understands the company’s core values, rating people at a distance can feel like a simple reaffirmation of what you already know.

Things can get more uncomfortable once the members of a team have to rate each other.

The important thing to remember is that the success of EOS starts with open and honest communication. A leadership team needs to be able to share all of their ideas, even ideas about themselves and each other. The clearer the team is about how they each fit into the structure of the organization, the easier they will find pulling in the same direction.

One of the core values of my marketing firm client is a sense of humor. When they surveyed their team, one member of the team was consistently rated a +/- for humor. The rating made sense, because this particular employee’s role includes risk management, which can often be humorless.

His +/- rating has become a source of relief for the team, because when he brings up risks, everyone can laugh and say, “There you go earning your minus.” In a sense, it’s the spoonful of sugar that makes the difficult parts easier to digest.

The People Analyzer is a guide for deeper conversations.

Any time a tool tries to reduce complex ideas to a simple 3-tier metric, as the People Analyzer does, the results provide a launch point for a more complete look. If an individual consistently scores minuses in every category, chances are good that there’s a genuine fit problem. Tougher cases arise if someone has some pluses to go with a minus or two. This is what the People Analyzer is ultimately for: honing in on the issues that need a deeper dive.

As a Professional EOS Implementer® I’ve seen plenty of anxiety about using the People Analyzer to study a company’s leadership and staff. My response is always to ask my clients to trust the EOS Process®. The People Analyzer has a long track record of success.

What has your experience been using the People Analyzer? I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message to let me know what you think.