Developing Marketing Strategies Using the EOS Toolbox™

developing marketing strategies and plans

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is (almost) all about growing a business from within. By installing a structure around the way decisions are made, problems are solved, and people are hired, EOS® improves every area of an organization—even in how it develops marketing strategies. That’s right: growing internally also helps a business grow externally.

Internal growth for external success

If you don’t already have the EOS Toolbox handy, you can download it for free on the EOS website.

The EOS Toolbox is a collection of concepts for helping organizational leaders establish clear goals and develop strategies for meeting them. At first glance, many of the tools offered by EOS are simple: regular meetings (the Level 10 Meeting™), personal and organizational goal setting (rocks), the power of empowering people (Delegate and Elevate™), and so forth.

EOS takes each of these fairly simply ideas and ties them together into a complete system. One “tool” fits seamlessly into the others. If a particular tool isn’t right for the job, no problem: the right one is probably already in the Toolbox. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Marketing may have an external orientation, but to succeed it really needs to be an integral part of what an organization is doing. A marketing team that is out of sync with the rest of the business probably isn’t telling the right story to potential customers.

That’s why an organization needs to have the person responsible for marketing in the room for its Level 10 Meetings. Some organizations bunch marketing and sales together on their Accountability Chart. Others use a different term: fundraising might sit where marketing would be for some nonprofits, for example.

What’s in the EOS Toolbox that helps marketing strategy?

The tools in the EOS Toolbox are adaptable and scalable. I work with a mid-sized business that has a mature marketing department with half a dozen employees. Their CMO, who participates in the company’s weekly Level 10 meetings, was so impressed with the way EOS was improving processes at the top that she decided to implement the Toolbox within her team.

Naturally, some of what she’s done still has an internal focus. For example, she’s implemented a “mini Level 10” within her team. Each week they meet for a short, condensed version of the Level 10 Meeting. It gives them a chance to IDS™—identify, discuss, solve—the issues that are internal to the team in a single, condensed session rather than in the haphazard way they’d used previously. “It has helped us messy creatives to stay organized,” she told me.

They are also using the scorecard concept from EOS to track progress toward the team’s big rocks. “We track details that help us measure results,” their CMO told me. “It’s pushed us to explore new ways of doing things when something wasn’t delivering.”

As marketing people, they also want to find better ways to tell the company’s story to potential clients, while keeping their existing clients engaged. For that, the EOS emphasis on developing a clearly defined set of values has been critical. For this client, the Vision Building™ process took several sessions and introspection. The team was full of ambition and ideas, but reducing them to a few key concepts was hard.

Today, they put those carefully chosen values to work in all their marketing plans. Their CMO put it this way: “We went from marketing services to marketing who we are. We’re bringing in better clients than before because they want a partner like us.”

In other words, the company’s vision for where it wants to go has become a key cog in its process of developing marketing strategies.

Tap into EOS for stronger marketing strategies

In my work as a Certified EOS Implementer® I regularly talk to business leaders who are focused on marketing first. They may be keenly aware of the internal issues that are preventing growth, but they have grown their business by focusing outward—and they want to keep doing that.

For those “extroverted” CEOs the fact that EOS can become part of their marketing strategy is just one more reason to take a look at the system.

Has your business hit a ceiling? Are you already running on EOS and want to get more from it on the marketing side? Let’s talk. Give me a call at (818) 649-1103 or send me an email today.