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Jackie W. Kibler

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I transform companies and help CEOs get more from
their businesses and personal lives. Together
we’ll propel your company to the next level of success.

Are you tired of applying trendy concepts for success that don’t work?
Do you wonder if you have the right people in the right positions?
Are you unsure of what’s holding your company back from real success?

Strengthen Your Business

For over 30 years, I’ve helped CEOs grow their businesses, cultivate high-performing teams, and achieve success using a variety of methods. When I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, I knew I had found the ideal system to help leaders achieve their vision—one that is easy to implement and effective across all industries.

Now EOS® is the only method I use.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a simple framework for defining what’s important, who owns it, and exactly what success looks like. As a Certified EOS Implementer® I bring proven tools, templates, processes, and systems to help you get what you want from your business.

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Hear what my clients have to say!

In the past 6 months of EOS, Jackie has helped us document the ever elusive strategy that has now set us free to create a company the world needs and we want to work for.
jw kibler testimonial - john welches
John Welches - Founder & President, Red Mallard
Working with Jackie to develop our EOS system has been an eye opening and inspirational experience for myself and the other members of my leadership team. Historically we tried to create regular meetings that had substance, but struggled to really feel momentum. Now with the structure of the L10 meetings we are more productive and leave meetings feeling like the time was not only worth it but personally fulfilling. Thank you Jackie.
jw kibler testimonial - joanne currie
Joanne Currie – Owner, Splash Café
Our company began our EOS Implementation in February 2020 and it has been a great tool for my growing company. We now have a process to follow and a platform to track our success as we move forward toward reaching our goals. We have loved working with our EOS Implementor, Jacqueline "Jackie" Kibler. She has been interactive with us, kept us accountable and helped us to understand the process more clearly. She is experienced and talented at assisting us to clarify if we are on track or off. Her Vision days are excellent and we’ve grown more accountable to one another as a result. The senior management team is keyed-in with a clear path on our weekly Level 10 meetings. All in all we couldn’t be happier with Jackie, her commitment to us and the results we have achieved since implementing this tool! I highly recommend EOS and Jackie Kibler for any small to mid-sized business.
jw kibler testimonial - lori yaphe
Lori Yaphe-Delisle – President, Tourmaline Enterprises
Thanks to Jackie Kibler’s boundless energy, expertise and facilitation skills, I’m successfully navigating this chaotic time with clarity and a compass.
jw kibler testimonial - marty stevens-heebner
Marty Stevens-Heebner – Founder & CEO, Clear Home Solutions
As a creative technology company, we spend all of our time working on our client's brands and solutions. Working with Jackie and the process of implementing EOS helped us focus our attention on our own brand - we realized that our branding needed to reflect our core values better. This process has helped us to build our own brand while streamlining our internal processes to better serve our customer's needs.
jw kibler testimonial - de ivett
De Ivett – CEO & Founder, 5D Spectrum